2023 Season - Order early to ensure Christmas Delivery. All items made to order.


Thank you for visiting our Pop-Up Holiday Store! 

We are excited to be able to once again bring a collection of unique and custom items to you. This is our 4th year doing a pop-up Christmas Store, and we are expanding that offering again this year!

The porch-pots (live arrangements) are hand-built in our garage which we transform into a workshop and each one is created to be unique. We purposely buy a variety of fillings and limit the amount of common items so that they all take on their own look. If there is a color scheme you'd like or a specific look you're going for, let us know and we will build something unique just for you!

We would like to thank you for supporting our side-venture. Have a wonderful 2023 Holiday Season!

WHAT IS WAZU? WAZU in itself, is a nonsense word--something that I had made up as a kid. But its meaning is the most fundamental part of what WAZU represents. When I was little, I used to call sunflowers “wazus”. I have no idea why but it is that sort of carefree imagination that I feel represents what we do. It challenges conventions and looks for inner meaning… personality. WAZU is a representation of that childlike imagination that we so often lose as adults. We have to work hard to foster that and harness it when possible. It is the weird, the sideways, the unconventional, and the surprisingly ironic discoveries that create opportunities. So while WAZU is an abstract, nonsense word, its genesis holds all of its meaning.